Jackson Accessibility Board of Appeals


Meets as Needed


Health and Safety Code sections 19955 to 19959.5 require all “public accommodations or facilities” constructed with private funds to comply with accessibility requirements. Public accommodations and facilities include most buildings used by the public, including restaurants. These accessibility requirements are generally set forth in Chapter 11B of the California Building Code. This chapter requires new and remodeled buildings to contain certain accessibility features to ensure disabled persons are able to access and enjoy the structure.

As part of its responsibility for enforcing the California Building Code, the City’s building department is required to enforce these accessibility requirements. Under the Health and Safety Code and the California Building Code, the building department’s decisions in these situations can be appealed. The City Council has created and appointed an Accessibility Board of Appeals to hear these appeals. Health & Safety Code section 19957.5 currently requires that the Accessibility Board of Appeals be composed of five members with two members that are physically handicapped persons, two members that are experienced in construction, and one member that is a member of the general public.

The appointed members of this Board include: Marshall Cova, Randy Pitto, John Haedrich, George White and James Yep. This Board will meet as appeals are filed and agendas will be posted on this page of the City website.

All written correspondence should be mailed to:
City of Jackson
33 Broadway
Jackson, CA. 95642

There are no agendas for the current Year. You can also check the Archived Agendas & Minutes