Angelica Ervin

Angelica Ervin, one of the City’s Accounting Clerks, received the Employee of the Month award from Mayor Gonsalves at Monday’s meeting. Angie was praised for her ability to work in close communication with various State departments to ensure timely processing all cash reimbursements for the City. Her Supervisor Dalacie Blankenship also applauded Angie for her customer services skills. Dalacie said “Angie’s attention to detail along with her calm and respectful approach in dealing with Utility customers has kept billing issues to a minimum”. Angie began working for the City in August 2016 and was the fourth employee who has earned the Award.

The Employee of the Month program was instituted by Mayor Gonsalves and the City Council to recognize employees vital contribution to the City of Jackson. Those wishing to nominate the next Employee of the Month are encouraged to submit via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a nomination.

Mayor Gonsalves giving Employee of the Month award to Angie Ervin