Baron Birge

At the April 9 council meeting, Mayor Gonsalves named Baron Birge as the Employee of the Month for March 2018. Baron Birge is the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. He has been working at the Treatment plant for 10 years. In the last few months, the Treatment plant has gone through a great deal of changes, ranging from the on-going construction to personnel and operational procedures changes. Baron embraces these challenges and has stepped up to the plate. He has put in thousands of hours to be on call for the Treatment plant. He applies his institutional knowledge to ensure the changes are cohesive enough for the Plant to handle. The City appreciates Baron Birge’s dedication and loyalty.

Also, at Monday’s meeting, the Council passed a Resolution 2018-07 to support law enforcement personnel. Mayor Gonsalves initiated this Resolution and said she is very proud of Jackson’s Police Department and Fire Department and those men and women in uniform who protect us. In response to recent negative press discussion on law enforcement personnel, she believes it is time for us to take a stand on this issue and show our support to those who protect us.

Baron Birge receiving the Employee of the Month award from Mayor Gonsalves.