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Providing a safe and reliable drinking water system for customers is the number one priority for the Jackson Water Resources Department. The City purchases treated water from the Amador Water Agency (AWA). All water purchased from AWA comes directly from the Mokelumne River. The City’s Department of Water Resources carefully monitors the City's transmission line, reservoirs and maintains the City-wide distribution system. This includes maintaining water mains, fire hydrants, valves, and water services from mains to individual meter boxes; issuing construction water permits; installation of services, and 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week standby for emergencies. Staff also maintains and replaces meters for approximately 2,100 water service accounts. The City routinely conducts water quality monitoring including testing and analysis for bacteria, chlorine residual, pH and other elements.

Water fund revenues have been invested in significant improvements to the water system infrastructure over the past few years and a five year Capital Improvement Program is adopted by the City Council with each budget to protect this investment. Major water distribution projects completed in recent years have included replacement of large main lines in Church Street, Court Street, Bright Street, Pitt Street, Center Street, Mason Street, Golf Course Road and Pine Street. These improvements have replaced small steel mains with larger mains designed to improve water line reliability, fire flow and maintain water quality.