City Clerk / Records



City Clerk John (Jack) Georgette

Deputy City Clerk Kim Bacon

Business Hours

Monday through Friday

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

33 Broadway



The City Clerk works under the direction of the City  Manager.  No candidates ran in the 2008  election and the City Council appointed the current Clerk, Gisele Wurzburger,  who is also the City’s full-time Administrative Assistant.  The City Clerk manages the official records of the City Council and Planning Commission, which involves compiling agendas  and preparing the meeting minutes; maintaining minutes, resolutions,  ordinances, contracts, deeds, etc.; certifying the authenticity of these documents;  and making copies of the documents available to the public. Finally, the Clerk  is responsible for coordinating with elected and appointed officials to insure  Statements of Economic Interest are filed with the State in a timely fashion,  and for organizing the swearing-in of elected City officials. 


Public Notices / Public Hearings
Date Held By Topic
 06/15/17   Public Notice Urgent Care Town Meeting



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»  SB 272 City of Jackson Statement
»  SB 272 City of Jackson Enterprise System Catalog
»  City Council Agendas »  Main Street Banner Application
»  Planning Commission Agendas »  Use of Facilities Application 
»  Public Records Request Form  »  Complaint Form 
»  Council Agenda Policy »  Commission/Committee Application

City Meetings

City Council
2nd & 4th Mondays
at 7pm

Planning Commission
Every 3rd Monday
at 6:30pm



Site Plan Review Committee
Every Thursday
at 10 am
(but only as needed)

Design Review

1st & 3rd Tuesdays
at 3 pm
(but only as needed)

Accessibility Board
of Appeals

As Needed

Cemetery Committee
Every 2nd
Wednesday at 10 am