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THANK YOU!!!... Wheel has been saved... see the photos here.

The City of Jackson desires to preserve the historic Kennedy Tailing Wheel #4 by constructing a structure similar to the ones that originally housed all four wheels.

The "Save The Wheel" committee consists of citizens who have a strong commitment and willingness to work for the necessary $705,000 needed to preserve one of California's NRHP Landmarks, right here in Amador County, and within the city limits of Jackson.

The Save the Wheel Committee’s fundraising dinner, “Wheels of Gold & Tales of Old,” at Thomi’s Banquet Room on April 14 was a HUGE success. Thank you if you attended this event or have already made a contribution.  Donations are still needed above and beyond the dinner event, so if you would like to contribute, please click here for more details.

Project Purpose

The main purpose is to protect a California landmark attraction featured on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and which was an essential component of the historic Kennedy Mine, also on the NRHP. This project protects and preserves a very important project previously funded in 2000 and it makes the former investment secure for the foreseeable future and the wheel available for the education and benefit of the viewing public.

National Register of Historic Places Application (PDF 1MB)
Photos attached to application (PDF 7MB)

An essential component of the historic Kennedy Mine, the Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park site encompasses all four of the original wheels. Since 1942, when the Kennedy Mine closed and the corrugated iron buildings which had enclosed the original four tailing wheels were removed and sold for scrap, the four large wooden structures have been exposed to the elements. These iconic sites viewed from SR 49/88 define the City of Jackson’s horizon and have been incorporated into the distinctive city logo well known to many. Having been unprotected from the elements, Wheels #2 and #3 have fallen. Wheel #1 stands with the aid of cables and supports and will ultimately result in a fate similar to Wheels 2 & 3 unless it can be protected in the future. The wheels, one of a kind engineering marvels, represent the California mining industry’s first attempt to be environmentally proactive.   

Photos of the current condition of Wheel 4 can be seen here.

Preliminary Plan Sheets for Kennedy Tailing Wheel #4 Protective Building
Preliminary Drawings #1
Preliminary Drawings #2
Preliminary Finished Site Drawing

"Wheel #4 has been the best preserved of the four wheels because of earlier efforts to rehabilitate it. But preservatin of the wheels requires perpetual efforts and to allow the previous work to waste would be irresponsible stewardship. We are grateful for the efforts of the Jackson City Council to continue stewardship of Wheels #4 and will do what we can to assist in your efforts to restore and preserve these rare gems of Amador County." 
     ~ Gary Reinoehol, President, Amador County Historical Society

"The council supports the effort to protect this registered National Historic Place as well as the efforts to develop comprehensive interpretive signage at the site and new directional signage at various highway locations in the county."
     ~ Tim Murphy, Mayor, Sutter Creek

"We support your efforts to save Wheel #4."
    ~ Bill Almgren, President 2010-11, Amador Upcountry Rotary Club

"The City will help in any way we can to assist you in this important endeavor."
    ~ Greg Baldwin, Mayor, City of Plymouth

"After all, the wheel was the first engineered project for the mining industry designed to benefit the environment and over 100 years later as a society we are still searching for ways to benefit the environment, it is good to preserve those early efforts as well. The wheel serves as an integral part of California's mining history."
   ~ Diane Anderson, Soroptimist Internation of Amador County

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