Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park
Jackson, California


Welcome to the City of Jackson's Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park, home of the most photographed mining relics in the Mother Lode, and iconic symbols of Jackson and Amador County, small in size, but second highest in gold production. The City of Jackson, once an 1848 mining site named Botilleas, and the camp of Jackson's Creek was founded in January, 1849.

On the four panels of this kiosk (right) you will find brief histories in text and illustration of:  before you, the Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park itself, and important dates on Jackson's calendar; the Kennedy Gold Mine, the deepest in the world at its closing; the Kennedy Tailing Wheels system (shown in mural illustration, too); and lastly, the historic mining camp of Jackson Gate, now part of the city.   

The panels on this kiosk were envisioned and written by Lawrence "Larry" Cenotto, Sr., (1931-2012). Larry was a noted archivist for Amador County and the author of five volumes of Logan's Alley  which chronicle Amador County's history. He was instrumental in several prior preservation efforts in this park and his knowledge and encouragement and participation in this project were, in large measure, the reason for its success.

Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park
c/o City of Jackson
33 Broadway
∙ Jackson, CA 95642