City of Jackson Press release – prepared by Yvonne Kimball, city manager


The City of Jackson received statewide awards for its efforts to improve energy efficiency.

On September 14, 2017, Jackson City Mayor Connie Gonsalves and City Manager Yvonne Kimball attended the Beacon Spotlight Award reception in Sacramento.  The City of Jackson received four Beacon Spot Awards for its effort to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt sustainability practices. 

The Beacon program is sponsored by the Institute for Local Government and the State Energy Efficiency Collaborative.  Under City Council’s direction, the City of Jackson took part in the Statewide program. The City installed LED lights in city hall, the police station and the civic center.  The City also participated in a regional Energy Action Workplan.  City staff members  Michael Hooper,  Susan Peters and former City Manager Mike Daly were instrumental in those projects which earned the City four Beacon Spotlight Awards. 

A total of 128 cities and counties statewide competed for the awards.   The City of Jackson received a total of four awards.  The City of Plymouth received two awards in the categories of the Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions and the Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions.  Jackson and Plymouth were the only municipalities in Amador County that won the Beacon awards. 

“ The City of Jackson is proud to be a leader in our region in addressing the global issue of climate change.  I thank the Council and Staff for a job well done.”  Mayor Gonsalves spoke of the awards after the ceremony.